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Getting to know Punkee’s Editor, Tahlia Pritchard

The Junkee Media team is full of wonderful and talented individuals that we want to introduce you to.
While holding out for a spot on Real Housewives of Sydney or Melbourne, Tahlia can be found as Punkee’s Editor, having been at the realm of reality TV coverage for years. Tahlia gives us a little insight into what the day to day looks like as Punkee's Editor –Bachie recaps and all, alongside what surprises her about the loyal Punkee audience.

What does a typical day look like for you?

A typical day for me involves a lot of reality TV! We’re in Bachie season right now, so my morning starts with interviews with the girls eliminated, transcribing and getting those articles up as well as writing about whatever else has happened in the entertainment/pop culture land that morning. At some stage in the arvo we watch the episode for that night, I write a recap, make memes to push out on Punkee’s social, edit any of Tara’s drafts (our senior writer) and work with Nick our current video recapper to figure out the best jokes/gags for the video recap. His first edit will come through to me sometime that night, we’ll go through a couple of rounds, and I’ll be watching the Bachie episode again to live-tweet, put stuff out on our Instagram, and engage with the Punkee fans in our Facebook group Reality Tea. Sporadically I'll try to remember to take deep, relaxing breaths in the ad breaks. After the show finishes there may be a couple more back and forths with various drafts before we get the content scheduled and ready for the morning.

TL;DR – I think and write about Bachie a lot from 8:30am – 9:30pm.  

What's been the biggest story for your audience this year?

The biggest story for our audience so this year was actually a Married At First Sight one. Contestant Josh Pihlak called out the editing on an episode in an Instagram post and we wrote it up and it absolutely blew up. MAFS is a huge show for us, and it was one of the first times a contestant who hadn’t been too badly edited had really gone rogue to call out the show, and a lot of MAFS stars then quickly followed suit. It’s not an article I expected to blow up so much, but it pulled massive numbers for us!

Is there anything surprising about the Punkee audience you'd like to share?

I may be biased, but I’d call the Punkee audience some of the best in the media world. So many outlets will understand the pressure of having to moderate comments that can get nasty quickly on article threads and at Punkee for the most part everyone is very understanding and well behaved. I think people are just smarter now when it comes to TV shows and the editing of people into villains. If anyone gets too nasty, another Punkee fan is quick to then go in and defend the person they’re getting nasty about. It’s really quite a wholesome audience given how toxic online culture can be.

You've written about reality TV for years. If you could go on one show, what would it be & why?

Maybe too many years. I’ve debated this a lot in my mind, I used to think I’d go on MAFS but the last season turned me off massively, I wouldn’t be able to handle the environment, I'd probably hide under a table at the dinner parties. To be honest, I’m holding out for a Real Housewives of Sydney or Melbourne reboot, though I might have to wait until I hit my late-30s for that. Real Housewives of Wagga even? I’m ready whenever you are Foxtel.

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