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Getting to know Junkee Media’s Video News Director and Executive Producer of The Junkee Takeaway, Nick Arnold

This month we’ve put Junkee Media’s Video News Director and Executive Producer of The Junkee Takeaway (TJT), Nick Arnold in the hot seat.  

 With over 230 episodes of TJT recorded, Nick covers the wild ride of TJT’s first 12 months including personal highlights and what’s next on the agenda that TJT’s devotees are no doubt eagerly awaiting

What does a typical day look like for you?

Well it tends to start with coffee, as every good day should. I’ll spend a bit of time getting across the news for the day. We film our episodes of The Junkee Takeaway (TJT) first thing in the morning, so it’s good to check that nothing has changed overnight for the script.

I then spend the morning making sure the production of the episode is on track. In between, I swap hats: from the creative one developing new editorial video series for Junkee, to the strategic one figuring out how to grow TJT even more, how we can help the Studio team hit their briefs, or how we can keep growing our editorial video across all of our Junkee verticals, and of course the admin hat getting stuck into budget trackers and spreadsheets.

Afternoon is all about TJT again. When the new script comes in, I make sure it’s edited and all signed off for recording the next day, and then watch the edit of our latest episode ready to be published at 5pm!

The Junkee Takeaway has just marked its first anniversary with an incredible 20 million views. Tell us about some of the highlights over the last 12 months that got you here?

Yeah it’s been a wild ride to be honest. TJT started as a bit of an experiment, and now here we are, over 230 episodes later.

Getting recommissioned by Facebook for a second season was a real highlight, because it was great validation the TJT was doing well. It’s really rewarding to have moments like that.

We’ve got so much on the way to look forward to. We’re launching a TJT website, working on turning the show into a podcast, taking it out to market and opening it up to sponsorship. But ultimately, the biggest highlight has been curating a team of really talented people that have stuck with the show and work so hard every day to create top quality journalism for young Australians. Sounds corny, I know. But we’re a small and mighty team!

Is there anything surprising about the Junkee audience that you’d like to share?

One thing I love about our audience is how engaged they can be with our content. We’ve had episodes that have had some big conversations in the comments, and I always like it when I see that.

I mean, one of the things that surprised me was how much the audience love our pop culture episodes. Give them a piece on Britney or Ellen and you know you’re in for some good numbers.

But something we always ask ourselves is whether an episode that didn’t get as many views as others did so because the audience doesn’t care as much, or just that our current audience doesn’t care. I think it’s important to both cater to the audience you’ve already built, whilst also being mindful of the people you might win over with something new.

What is your most memorable episode of The Junkee Takeaway?

After 230 episodes, I’m still slightly weirded out that I can remember almost everything we’ve covered.

I couldn’t possibly pick one, to me we make great content every day. But the episodes I like the most are the ones that shine a light on a really important (and often little spoken about) topic.

We do this a lot, and have covered things like Chrissy Teigan’s miscarriage, the stigmas around endometriosis and periods, sexism in the K-Pop industry and body dysmorphic issues in men. Those are my favourites, the ones that feel like other than just explaining, they’re actually helping too.

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