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EA Games – SIMS: Case Study


EA Games challenged the team at Junkee to align the SIMS holiday campaign to pop culture- therefore elevating its position amongst the Gen Z audience.

Junkee Solution

EA games would leverage Junkee Media’s pop culture and content creds to reach the SIMS target audience in an inspirational, accessible and relatable way, delivering an engaging brand campaign across multiple Junkee formats.


The national SIMS holiday campaign ran across Junkee and Punkee, reaching an incredible 4.2 million young Aussies. To deliver an engaging campaign, Junkee produced six native articles, which were cross-shared to Punkee. The native article series drove a higher-than-average dwell time on all content, with headlines including 7 ways The Sims gave me unrealistic expectations about adulthood and Bizarre ways my Sims have died (and how I tried to save them.

The campaign successfully delivered on all campaign KPI’s including content views, social reach and display impressions.


Published by: Katie Brooke in News