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Junkee Media’s Commitment to Healthy Headlines

A pledge to bring media channels together for the sake of our youth

As Australia’s media landscape continues to shift, the dial is turning on the central source of information for one audience in particular – Australia's youth. Now more than ever, this audience is invested and cares about the ins and outs of political and societal issues, the local economy, and breaking news, the demand for an honest and reliable take on these topics is strongly called for.

So how exactly are young Australians interacting across these new media channels?

With the ongoing growth of social media has come a rise in young Australians turning to their social feeds as a source of news. In 2020 – both Instagram and Facebook were ranked in the top 5 app downloads of the year with 62 million and 53 million downloads respectively1. This ranking comes as no surprise as Instagram is recorded as the most used daily used platform for young Australians at 91 per cent2.

Social media is clearly shifting away from the perception of being a ‘mindless scroll’, a channel not only for entertainment but for news and education – from August, NSW Government will livestream the daily 11am COVID-19 press conference on TikTok3. Youth are turning to alternative channels outside of traditional media for their news updates and Facebook remains a clear front runner. The platform, which is the third most visited website in the world, came in as the most used platform for news at 49%, followed by traditional media e.g. TV, radio, newspapers at 46%, closely followed by Instagram at 42%4.

Okay so what about influencers? Where do they fit into this conversation?

To counterattack against an influx of vaccine misinformation that is flooding the internet in the US, the White House has recruited an ‘Influencer Army’ to encourage young Americans to get vaccinated5. In Australia, comedian and media personality Celeste Barber, and the likes of Abbie Chatfield, are actively documenting their vaccination journeys on social media. They are calling out antivaxxers who are claiming to be more informed than qualified medical proffesionals6, and they are doing it in an engaging and entertaining way. What influencers believe and are communicating to their followers has the power to make a positive, progressive impact and hopefully, helps alleviate the anxiety caused by alarmist headlines and conspiracy theorists.

As young Australians continue to consume news from a variety of sources, content publishers have a role to play in providing thoughtful and informed news that has the power to influence opinion. Recently Junkee joined the Publishers for healthy headlines7 initiative, where major Australian youth publications have united in a pledge for honest headlines, to support progressive movements and communicate messages to generate a positive impact on their audiences.

The initiative is a commitment to produce truthful and accurate content that helps young Australians stay safe and informed when it comes to Covid-19. The pledge is to; put the science first, stand for healthy headlines, make considered image choices, not partake in any fear mongering or alarmist headlines.

This joint mission will be in effect until 50% of Australians under 40 are vaccinated. You can find all of Junkee’s ‘Healthy Headlines’ content right here.


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Interview with Junkee Editor Jules LeFevre

Last month we announced that our very own Jules LeFevre had been promoted to Editor of Junkee. As the site enters an exciting new era, we sat down with Jules to hear about her journey, have her share some of her favourite moments from the last five years, and give us a taste of what is to come.

You've been with Junkee for five years, tell us a little about your journey?

I started at Junkee way back in July 2016, approximately 10 million years ago in COVID times. I was hired as a staff writer across FasterLouder and inthemix – the two music websites. FasterLouder folded into Music Junkee in 2017, and inthemix was also consolidated a year or so later – after which I became the editor of Music Junkee.

It was a dream role, every day I couldn’t believe that my life was to write about music. It was wonderful – still is.

Almost five years to the day after I joined Junkee, I was made editor of the whole shebang. It’s an immense privilege.

In your time at Junkee, what stories are you most proud of?

Last year, staff writer Joseph Earp and I pulled together a colossal feature – The 200 Greatest Australian Songs Of All Time. It was mammoth – basically the length of a novella.

I’m also immensely proud of the work we’ve done on the #MeToo movement in the Australian music industry, and our numerous features on stan culture, which really pushed the issue to the mainstream and resulted in a few of the team being interviewed on the ABC and SBS.

Also, anything by Joseph Earp is an honour to publish – he’s one of the best writers in Australia and to have his work on the website every day is wonderful.

You know the Junkee audience really well, what do you love most about our readers?

Honestly? That they’re all a bunch of weird nerds. Our readers are passionate – about everything from politics to obscure SNL skits to TikTok memes to 2000s pop music and beyond. They’re passionate and engaged about everything.

It's an exciting time to be stepping into the editor role, what should we expect to see on the site in the next six months?

It’s really exciting – and we’ll be focusing on what we do best, creating quality content that stands out from the crowd and differentiates us from our competitors. More interesting features, more interesting writers, more interesting angles.

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