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Pass the Popcorn, Reality TV Season is Upon Us

Who isn’t guilty of enjoying a little reality TV here and there? In fact, 66% of Australians admit to watching reality TV dating shows, and there’s no doubt that said Australians are in for a good time as this year's reality TV season kicks off. We're so here for it, as are our readers. This week, Beauty and the Geek launched and reached the top of leaderboard with 808,000 metro viewers.  

The corn is popping, and our editors will be hitting those keyboards faster than ever before, delivering the Punkee recaps that we’ve all grown to love. So, what are some trends we’ve seen previously as we entered reality TV season? 

Punkee content is on the rise and audiences LOVE it

Between July and November last year – aka reality TV season – our Punkee editors published over 250 stories, covering the shows our audiences love the most. From dramatic relationship breakdowns to heart-melt moments, we were there to help young Australians unpack every entertaining moment that happened on screen. This content brought in a staggering +2 million pageviews as audiences took their love for reality TV online searching for more. 

It appears our love for reality TV extends beyond our TV screens, taking our devotion to the next level, and unpacking the dramatic events of complete strangers onto our feeds... Over two million times! (Yes, that had to be repeated). 

Love is in the air

Okay, the Bachie promo for first officer Jimmy was full of cheese, but quite frankly we lapped it up and are so ready to review the s#&% out of this season!  

Last year on Facebook, our incredibly popular Punkee Bachie recaps had over 1.8 million views as facebookers tuned in daily for the latest recaps. During this time, it’s not only our Bachie recaps (and the hearts of Australians) that soar, once the season kicks off, all online dating stories over-perform. 

Is it the smell of love in the air or the cooler winter months that make our hearts mushy?

Millennial women <3 us

Throughout Reality TV season, almost 85% of our site audience identified as female. What’s more – during this period, we reached over 900k women aged between 18 and 24, and more than one million women aged between 25 and 34! Punkee really is the next stop for our reality TV goers.  

While our millennial women audience peaks through reality TV season, don’t get us wrong. Men still love a bit of reality TV – here's a read on just why that is.

Nobody knows Australia’s youth like we do, and throughout reality TV season, we’re the prime place to meet them. Get in touch to find out more! 




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